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« Romeo and Juliet » By William Shakespeare рецензия книги на английском языке
There is no doubt that story about Romeo and Juliet can stand the test of time. I believe that there is no person in the world who has never heart about it. Romeo and Juliet is the story about two young people who fall in love with each other. They both come from very important and wealthy families. However, their families, the Montagues and the Capulets, had an argument many years before. Because of it the love between Romeo and Juliet is impossible. They both committed suicide by coinciden ...
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«Pride and Prejudice» by Jane Austin рецензия книги на английском языке
I chose this book, because a lot of people enjoyed it and advised me to read it. Moreover, the name of this book drew my attention to it. At once I supposed that this story would be about love, but it would not be a banal novel. Reading this book we learnt about the life of the ordinary English family. There were five daughters and no sons. Their mother tried to marry her daughters in any way. Mister Bingley, a wealthy young gentleman, came to the country estate near the Bennets called Nethe ...
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The Pearl рецензия книги на английском языке
“The Pearl” John Steinbeck To tell the truth I did not want to read this book at first. I think that it would be boring, but it was not. I did not expect that it became interesting for me with the first chapter. From this book we learnt about the adventure of the poor Indian family. A young couple, Kino and Juana, has a lot of difficulties in their life and their situation is made worse when their baby son is bitten by a scorpion. They have not enough money for the doctor and can not t ...
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