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« Romeo and Juliet » By William Shakespeare

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There is no doubt that story about Romeo and Juliet can stand the test of time. I believe that there is no person in the world who has never heart about it.


Romeo and Juliet is the story about two young people who fall in love with each other. They both come from very important and wealthy families. However, their families, the Montagues and the Capulets, had an argument many years before. Because of it the love between Romeo and Juliet is impossible. They both committed suicide by coincidence. The events that happen in the story take place over just four or five days. This makes the emotions of the story feel especially strong. Shakespeare wrote many tragedies and Romeo and Juliet is one of these.

Of course, the love is the main theme of this story but I want to notice others no less important themes. There are problems of teenage and incomprehension between people. The plot of the story is pleasant to me. At first I do not understand why Romeo and Juliet were so foolish and killed themselves. I thought that they could find another solution of their problem but I reread this book and now I understand that it was the best way. I often thought how they would have lived if they had not died. Their strong feelings would fade away with time. Love that is so strong often comes to a terrible end. It dies out when it reaches its highest point, just like fire. I believe that their love was so strong because they were just teenagers and may be wanted to go against their parents, who were not interested in their thoughts and feeling. Especially Capulets were so selfish that they disregarded daughter’s opinion.

With respect to the main characters I want to say that Juliet is pleasant to me but Romeo is not. In some parts of the story he behaves like a little girl. Moreover, I admire Juliet for her courage because it is incredibly difficult to kill yourself with knife.

After reading this book I believe in eternal love but there is a little likelihood to meet a person with whom your love will be so strong. In my opinion it is better to feel such feeling and have an early death than live a long life without them.

I advise this book to everyone because we should believe in great love and try to find her. In addition, the old film about Romeo and Juliet is perfect too and I advise you to watch it.

Создан 28 фев 2011

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