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The Pearl

рецензия книги на английском языке

“The Pearl” John Steinbeck To tell the truth I did not want to read this book at first. I think that it would be boring, but it was not. I did not expect that it became interesting for me with the first chapter. From this book we learnt about the adventure of the poor Indian family. A young couple, Kino and Juana, has a lot of difficulties in their life and their situation is made worse when their baby son is bitten by a scorpion. They have not enough money for the doctor and can not treat for their son. The only hope is to find a pearl. When Kino finds the largest pearl in the world, they believe their prayers have been answered and they will able to buy medical help. But the pearl brings only greed and violence. I am interested in American Indians and I was glad when I knew that this book was about Indians. Reading this story we understand that their life became so difficult after Spanish colonialists came. Another race treated them as animals. In respect of main characters they are truthful but the relationship between Juana and Kino is not pleasant for me. He is a bit selfish and so does not think about his wife’s feelings, she does what he wants. Nevertheless, they both love their son and want to make him happy. The theme of the book is relevant for all times. If somebody becomes rich, others want to steal his money. On the one hand, money gives people a lot of possibilities. On the other hand, money makes people blind and changes them. People become cruel and ready to kill. It is not needed to give a large significance to pieces of paper. This book gave me much more than I had expected. It is easy to read, very exciting and has an unexpected end. If you read it, you will not waste your time.

Создан 28 фев 2011

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